Moon, mother-of-pearl buttons, velvet, 120 x 120 cm, 2015

I sew vintage buttons on velvet in abstract shapes that are based on natural forms. The word button has its origins in nature, coming from the word ‘bud.’ Although buttons are humble objects, I appreciate their incredible diversity and history (thanks to the Prairie Button Keepers). I am particularly inspired by the Pearlies, groups of working-class families in London, England who sew mother-of-pearl buttons on their clothing. Wearing their pearly “flash” they raise money for charity, a custom they have followed for over a hundred years.

Moon, detail
Cloud, mother-of-pearl buttons, velvet, 75 x 215 cm, 2017
Cloud, detail
Leaf, vintage buttons, velvet, 240 x 110 cm, 2017
Leaf, detail
Tree Rings, vintage buttons, velvet, 110 x 110 cm, 2019
Rose, vintage buttons, velvet, 60 x 60 cm, 2019
Rain, vintage glass buttons, velvet, 100 x 40 cm, 2018
Sun, vintage buttons, velvet, 127 x 124 cm, 2018
Sky, vintage buttons, velvet, 77 x 77 cm, 2016
Night, vintage buttons, velvet, 74 x 199 cm, 2021
Night – detail