Sewing with Fire

Root Dress, plasma-arc cut steel, 203 x 114 cm
Collection Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1995

My work as a textile pattern designer in Montreal influenced the imagery in these steel dresses, which I created to express the strength and diversity of women. Using a plasma-arc cutter, I created patterns based on forms historically associated with women. In this work I interweave correlations between material, image, and content to present alternative visions of gender. Feminism supports domestic activities as a valid approach to contemporary art practice, so I consider making these steel dresses as “sewing with fire.”

Arachne, plasma-arc cut steel, 220 x 126 cm
Collection Royal Ontario Museum, 1995
Heart’s-Ease, plasma-arc cut steel, 225 x 120 cm each
Collection The Rooms Art Gallery, 2000
Heart’s-Ease, detail
Lace Dress, plasma-arc cut steel, 210 x 110 cm, 2000
Leaf Dress, plasma-arc cut steel, 220 x 120 cm
Collection Seneca College, 1996
Maternity, plasma-arc cut steel, 200 x 95 cm, 1994
Collection Trillium
Fish Net Dress, plasma-arc cut steel, 225 x 100, 1995
Collection The Rooms Art Gallery
Orchid Dress, plasma-arc cut steel, 190 x 90 cm, 1993
Orchid Dress, detail
Thanatos, plasma-arc cut steel, 195 x 95 cm, 1995
Collection Lakehead University Orillia